Universal Mom Certification Sales Letter

How would you like to help in making this a better world, one child at a time?


It has often been said that it takes a village to raise a child and, I agree.

Universal Mom™…helps children shift perspective of core beliefs that may be holding them back from being the true gift that they are through the gift of writing.

Universal Mom™…supports children and teens become aware of limiting beliefs that are preventing them from speaking up, from being as productive as they can be, from hiding or holding back their brilliance.

In an interesting and engaging manner, Universal Moms capture the attention, interest and hearts of the children they faciliate in the Writer’s Authentic Empowerment Programs.

Children and teens will get the opportunity to see how much of life is foundationally centered around writing. They will learn, experience and actively participate in how movies are taken from written books, created from written scripts; how songs are created from poetry and how important writing is and how it permeates every part of our lives all day long!

Plus, the bonus is that the child sees that reading is the twin to writing!

Universal Mom™ programs are a three-pronged approach to making a difference for children, teens, society and themselves.

1st prong: helping children and teens through The Writer’s Way Authentic Empowerment Programs…the programs allow children and teens to uncover their brilliance, talents, gifts and voice in healthy, productive and loving ways.

2nd prong: helping society with less teen pregnancy, peer pregnancy, peer bullying, addictions and suicide.

3rd prong: helping themselves enjoy an income while in service to themselves, children, teens and society.

You do NOT have to be a biological mom or have children of your own to be part of the “Touched by a Universal Mom&#153″ movement!

The Universal Mom™ learns that love binds and bonds with the whole of humanity … the place inside ourselves that is Universal.

Universal Mom™…supports the child and teen’s life serving beliefs rather than limiting beliefs.

The children and teens are given an opportunity to do their self-exploration of their writing and of themselves through fun activities centered around writing … the “art of the soul” as I like to refer to it.

Universal Mom™…helps motivate childrten and teens to become more self-confident in their own abilities and strengths.

Universal Mom™…supports children and teens in identifying their own power and provides an empowering mindset.

Universal Mom™…assists in identifying healthy bopundaries and respect for themselves as well as others.

All Universal Mom™ programs operate under 3 Primary Rules which include:

  1. (1) Judgment Free Zone
  2. (2) We Celebrate One Another’s Writings.
  3. (3) We Respect and Honor Confidentiality 100%.

Income Opportunities for a Certified Universal Mom™:

We have created income opportunities for Certified Universal Moms. Whether you work part time or full time, you have the opportunity to be a certified Universal Mom™.

** The table below is a representation of how much income a Universal Mom™ can earn within each 10-week program … whether you decide to work two hours a week or more.

Please register below for certification as a Universal Mom™.

One-time Certification Universal Mom™ investment: $6000

Pay In Full Option

Includes a one time non-refundable deposit of $197

2-Pay Option

3-Pay Option

4-Pay Option

About Ruth:

Ruth Klein skillfully integrates a Healing Consciousness and Intuition with practical mentor coaching and a writer’s savvy – and the results are empowering children and teens to make healthy life-serving choices. Beloved by women and children world-wide for her inspiring and loving heart, Ruth Klein is a torch for loving change that makes this a better world…one child at a time. Ruth is the author of six books, including Time Management Secrets for Working Women and the DeStress Diva™ Guide to Life and has appeared in O: The Oprah Magazine several times and has appeared in Self, Prevention, Chicago Tribune, Wall Street Journal, Washington Post Online and several others.